Off Road Motor Support Team

The District of Squamish is proud to announce the formation of a new section of the District of Squamish Emergency Program. The ORMS is an off road motor support team that signed up Friday June 7, 2013 to be a resource to the DoS.

There are many occasions that the DoS would call this team out to respond.

  • Dike patrols during high river levels or flooding. Some of those task would be looking for “piping” under the dikes, erosion, river gauge levels and the measurement of the “freeboard” on the dikes. The DoS Hazard Risk Vulnerable Analysis identifies the threat of major flooding as the most probable and reoccurring hazard.
  • Patrols for wild land or interface fires that may affect our community. ORMS could be dispatch to observe roads and trails during times of heightened forest fire concerns.
  • A transportations team after a large magnitude earthquake. Most likely all of our bridges will be closed until they have been approved for use after an engineer inspection. ORMS would (because of their light weight) be the only way to transport through our community the supplies, personnel, medical supplies as needed. Or Mayor and Council to Municipal Hall.
  • A response team to access remote locations day or night to assist the SEP.
  • ORMS will be part of the SEP AdventureSmart Program presenting Survive Out Side (SOS) programs in our community.
  • Traffic control for evacuation routes. The Team will be using the EOC to meet at and develop their section of the emergency program. We have a lot of work to bring together this section of SEP and we are excited to get organized and BCERMS trained. The leadership of the SDBA will form the key leadership roles of the ORMS Team.
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